kDynamics has been a wonderful addition to our After School Program. It is always a fun and exciting experience for ALL students (ages 4 Р13) and Staff! It gives our students the opportunity to think outside the box and teaches them that the same technology they use for their academics can also be used express themselves artistically.

The pictures that kDynamics provide a wonderful keepsake – to everyone, regardless of age. Those pictures don’t just capture a precious moment in time with their classmates/friends/students/co-workers but they also are a visual representation of what many of our students and Staff have dreamed of and or desire to become and experience. We are anxiously waiting for kDynamics to return to our After School Program during our 2019 – 2020 school year!¬†

Nakisha Grant
After School Coordinator
Westminster Community Charter School
(on behalf of Northwest Buffalo Community Center)